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What is an HSA?

The HSA program has two parts: a high-deductible health plan (which usually costs less than other health plans) and a tax-advantaged, portable savings account for payment of current medical expenses which builds like Medical IRA.

Advantages to the Company include:

High-deductible health plans cost less (rather than trying to pay for another year of double –digit premium increases, your business could be saving money)

Health insurance is the #1 benefit sought by employees – the HSA program will enable your company to continue offering health insurance or perhaps start offering it; while helping your employees build a retirement nest egg.

The cost of the insurance premium and any contribution to employees’ HSAs are tax-deductible.

Make your firm more competitive by enabling it to attract and keep better, healthy employees.

HSAs can pay for many more medical procedures and products.

How do HSAs compare to other plans, such as HRAs and FSAs? Favorably. HSAs utilize lower cost high-deductible health plans. HSA are eligible for multiple classes (employees, retirees and owners). The employee becomes responsible for their medical expense spending. The money in the HSA account accumulates and earns interest and dividends. Any contributions are deductible for the business. The two possible drawbacks are because the employee owns the HSA account, when he/she leaves the account goes along; and the yearly contribution is limited (in 2005, $2,650 for an individual and $5,250 for a family).

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