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Experts predict that one in five healthcare plans will involve Health Savings Accounts by the end of 2006. By the end of the decade, almost half of all healthcare accounts will involve some form of HSAs.

Surveys show that small businesses are relying most heavily on their agents for advice about HSAs.

Brokers need to be conversant with the various rules involving HSAs to better advise their clients. You can improve current client relationships and add new customers by having the answers they need about HSAs. To do that, you need to learn all about how HSAs help small firms reduce their healthcare costs by up to two-thirds while helping their employees build individual retirement nest eggs.

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For complete information about HSAs, you may purchase “The Small Business Guide To HSAsdirect from our bookstore. With this powerful, documented book, you can be the expert clients turn to when they want advice and help in choosing the best plan for their company.

The Small Business Guide To HSAs” is based on research and feedback from the million-plus small business readers of Information Strategies, Inc.’s websites and newsletters, including

The Small Business Guide To HSAs” documents money saving approaches from the most knowledgeable small business experts in accounting, law and taxation.

The Small Business Guide To HSAs” contains the latest IRS rulings and requirements and shows you how to identify and implement the best HSA plan for your clients.

The Small Business Guide To HSAs” documents how HSAs benefit both employers and employees and provides help in demonstrating this proposition to your clients.

If you are offering HSA accounts or are contemplating adopting HSAs, you need to have a copy of “The Small Business Guide To HSAs.” Just published in time for end-of-year planning, this 200+ page book is complete, yet easy-to-understand and specially written for small businesses and their advisors. Order your copy today!

Also available is a kit to help your clients introduce HSAs into their companies. For your free sample, click here.

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